Purpose & Mission

The health and wellbeing of current and former members of the ADF and Emergency Services, and their families, drives everything we do at Defence Shed Wagga Wagga (DSWW). We provide much needed social connection, skills and structure, peer support and assistance accessing information and crucial, support services via a range of appropriate providers.

DSWW members are encouraged to participate in a range of activities, as individuals or with others, including accredited courses like welding, barista, first aid and IT; woodwork, gardening and other hands-on hobbies, plus coffee catch-ups, fishing and camping activities and much more where our DSWW community can socialise with like-minded people.

We encourage family and friends of current/former ADF and Emergency Services Personnel to become DSWW members so they also can participate, and be included and supported within our DSWW community.

Most courses, workshops and activities are FREE for eligible members (including family).

Our aim is for DSWW members and their families to not only survive – but thrive.