Defence Shed Wagga Wagga (DSWW) is part of the Australian Defence and Emergency Services Shed Association and has been operating since mid-2019.

DSWW is a Not-For-Profit Charity dedicated to providing support and services to current and former Australian Defence Force and Emergency Services personnel and their families, and part of the growing Defence and Emergency Services Sheds community – based on the highly successful Men’s Shed model, but we are open to men, women, families, friends and supporters of ADF and Emergency Services personnel.

Providing crucial support services, networking, education, pathway employment and advocacy to improve the health and wellbeing for our members and their families drives everything we do.

DSWW helps fill the gaps by offering a community workshop space where members can learn and develop useful skills for hobbies or employment. We also host a range of social activities ranging from coffee catch-ups to fishing and camping activities so members and their families can socialise with like-minded people. We understand the importance of peer support.

Working closely with TAFE NSW Wagga Wagga, Training Services NSW and other recognised training organisations, DSWW offers access to accredited courses where members can create and collaborate, gain valuable skills which may benefit employment or just boost their capabilities in an area of interest.

DSWW members are encouraged to participate in a range of activities, as individuals or with others, including accredited courses like welding, barista, first aid and IT, and creating opportunities through 3D printing and laser cutting capabilities. We also host a range of hands-on skills like woodwork and gardening, plus coffee catch-ups, fishing and camping activities and much more where our DSWW community can socialise with like-minded people.

We provide much needed social connection, skills and structure, peer support and assistance accessing information and crucial, support services via a range of appropriate providers.

Members gain demonstrable skills, personal and social benefits and then extend these positive outcomes beyond the ‘Shed floor’, thus building resilience, maintaining wellbeing, and strengthening a sense of purpose and peace.

The benefits are already evident – the growing willingness of members to participate in wider activities, including education and training opportunities, and the gradual strengthening of not only crucial peer support within the DSWW group, but personal resilience. DSWW members experience improved wellbeing and rebuild appropriate social connections to counter the toxic nature of isolation, which many face post-service.

Not just for ‘Defence’ – DSWW includes Emergency Services personnel in its membership base as their needs mirror those of the ADF community. They face a similar lack of appropriate services and supports, particularly in regional areas. DSWW has recognised the high degree of need for this group and is working hard to improve access to services and support and provide a community where our First Responders and their families can connect, feel supported and find post-service pathways and fulfillment. We encourage family and friends and anyone who supports the efforts of our service personnel to become DSWW members so they also can participate, and be included and supported within our DSWW community.

DSWW actively networks with a wide range of support services and Ex-Service organisation to provide members with crucial yet often difficult to reach support. 

Most courses, workshops and activities are FREE for our members (including family).

Our aim is for DSWW members and their families to not only survive – but thrive.

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